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MASOLEA is an ambitious project that consists of untapping worldwide olive varieties with high commercial potential in Spain and in the development of an intelligent App for the easy evaluation and management of an olive farm.

The intelligent app will facilitate the field expert with an efficient and quick management in all agronomic aspects such as: quick identification of the plants and/or plots (implementation of QR code), quick identification of the pest and diseases that can affect the plant and an intelligent system of when and how to treat the problem (for example a disease affecting the plant). The App will also be adapted to manage soil and weather characteristics, to ensure that external conditions do not affect the genotype .

MASOLEA project will be carried out thanks to the close collaboration of two SME companies: AGROFERVI located in Badajoz, Spain (leader of the project), and ALFANET located in Tirana, Albania as partner of the project. For the implementation of the project, the companies will collaborate jointly; specifically, AGROFERVI will carry out the agronomic trials, while ALFANET is an information technology (IT) company with experience in the area of agriculture and will be dedicated to the development of the intelligent App for the management of the olive plantation.

AGROFERVI has identified varieties of interest for the plant material (traditional olive varieties and new genotypes), and has maintained contacts with the relevant olive germplasm banks to receive this plant material. Specifically, the UCO-IFAPA germplasm bank (Spain), the Croatian, Albanian and Greek banks have expressed their willingness to provide plant material of traditional varieties and new genotypes of breeding programs to be tested. On the other hand, for the development of the App, the company ALFANET has designed the structure of the static software due to previous internal preliminary works in the company, and they only currently need an economic support and the collaboration with AGROVERVI to bring the App to the market.

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Our Objectives

Main objectives of the project can be listed as follows:


Our prospective is to develop the project based on this work-packages:

Establishment of the list of olive varieties to be analyzed

Agrofervi has already studied the state of the art and contacted the relevant germplasm banks of the varieties to be evaluated, but before starting the work we will carry out a definitive validation of this list in order to add any additional important variety if necessary.

Validation of the architecture of the MASOLEA App

ALFANET has already designed the application to be developed and has conceptualized all the details of it. However, in collaboration with Agrofervi, and the stakeholders interested in the use of the App, the validation of the design and architecture of the App will be carried out.

Evaluation of agronomic and oil characteristics of varieties in germplasm

In order to move forward quickly with the evaluation, Agrofervi, in collaboration with the Germplasm Banks (GBs) mentioned in the previous activity will carry out the agronomic evaluation of the selected varieties.

Establishment of experimental plot in Badajoz, Spain

In order to study the behavior of the chosen varieties under the climatic conditions of south-western Spain, an experimental plot will be established in Badajoz, Spain

Implementation of the general structure of the App

The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) programming language will be used to develop the App. First the login blocks will be designed as explained above: Super Admin, Admin and Users.

App testing and validation

The real management of two olive tree plots and the experimental trial of Agrofervi will be carried out through the MASOLEA App to check that the App does not give any error and that the final user is able to understand and use it in an easy way.

Project management

The project leader (AGROFERVI) will be continuously monitoring and managing the work and deadlines in the project. AGROFERVI assumes responsibility for the delivery of deliverables and the interim and final reporting of the project to the GEN4OLIVE consortium.

Communication and Dissemination Activities

ALFANET partner will set-up and maintain the public project website, including the development of a content structure, web design, and web hosting. The website will serve as a central showcase for the project’s activities and achievements.