Who we are

ALFANET is a Albanian company created in 2008 with the goal to help you achieve all your IT projects. Our favorite challenge is to find the right solution and the right person to meet your specific requirements.

Is a software development company with a proven expertise in web, mobile applications, R&D Development, cloud computing and ecommerce applications


  •  Plan
    We collect information about your project in order to share a perfect vision on how the job needs to be accomplished.
  •  Analysis
    We decide which technology and tools fits your project and then propose them to you.
  •  Develop
    Oriented by the project needs and lead by our experts, our team starts working on your project immediately.
  •  Test
    We perform some pre-tests of the beta version within our team before testing it on more users.
  •  Delivery
    We deliver the final product.

R&D Development

In the recent years the company has diversified in the agricultural field, providing technological solutions to different companies such as in the field of intelligent irrigation, computer control of lighting and heating systems for greenhouses, etc.

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St. Don Bosko,
Flat. Meld, Ent. 10,
Tirana, Albania




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